Traffic Improvement Plan

The Short Answer

New residential development inevitably leads to questions about traffic impacts – specifically, will this project increase traffic congestion?  The short answer, based on an exhaustive, independent traffic analysis performed by a licensed traffic engineering firm overseen by the City of Torrance is “No”. 


Significant Investments in Traffic Improvements

Based on the traffic engineer's recommendations, the developer will invest over half a million dollars in traffic improvements to ensure that the additional trips created by Solana residents will not compromise the current Level of Service* at this intersection.

*Level of Service is an engineering metric that is used to rate the flow of traffic through an intersection. Level of service 'A' is the best rating, while level of service 'F' is the worst rating. 


Level of Service Will Remain the Same

The intersection today operates at a level of service 'A' during morning peak hour traffic, and at a 'B' during evening peak hour traffic. 

When factoring in the Solana development, as well as all of the new and proposed developments planned in the area, the traffic study has validated that with the traffic improvements shown below, the intersection of Hawthorne & Via Valmonte remain at the same level of service.

Level of service 


Consideration of Current & Planned Development

The traffic analysis took all of the following into consideration: 

  1. Current traffic background in the vicinity,
  2. Projected traffic to be generated by the development, and
  3. Projected traffic to be generated by other planned projects in the City of Torrance and other surrounding communities. 

These factors have been thoroughly analyzed and each of the following traffic engineer’s recommendations have been incorporated into the development plan.


The Six Key Traffic Improvements

The six key traffic improvements as recommended by the traffic engineering firm are described and illustrated below. 

  1. Via Valmonte will be expanded to include a second left-turn lane to handle additional east bound traffic.

    2 Via Valmonte gif 598x400

  2. The project is designed with a traffic circulation flow in order to minimize impact.

    • No left-hand turns will be permitted into the driveways on Via Valmonte and Hawthorne.
    • A raised median will ensure vehicular compliance.
    • Only right-hand turns are permitted into and out of the property.

    1 traffic circulation 598x400

  3. Hawthorne Boulevard will be widened south of Via Valmonte to create a dedicated deceleration lane at the property’s main entrance. This lane will accommodate turning right into the property without slowing down traffic moving south on Hawthorne Boulevard.  

    3 deceleration lane 598x400

  4. Traffic signals will be upgraded and modified to match these new lanes.  

    4 traffic signal 598x400 v2

  5. The development’s original 400 proposed units has been scaled back to 248 units. 

  6. New sidewalks along the property's perimeter will provide walkability to nearby shops and restaurants. 


Summary of Major Traffic Improvements

5 traffic summary 598x400 NEW