Friday, May 18, 2018

Let's Take a Look At the Parking Plan

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Parking is an issue we take very seriously when designing a project as it is obviously of great importance to our future residents. Throughout our career, we have developed numerous comparable projects and have had the ability to study many parking scenarios and ultimately see how they actually function once a project is built and occupied. Through years of experience we have found the optimal parking ratio for this type of project to be 1.1 spaces per bedroom with a 25% guest ratio. Applying this formula to the Solana Torrance unit mix, the parking required would be as follows:

  • 135 one bedroom units = 149 spaces;
  • 113 two bedroom units = 249 spaces;
  • 25% guest spaces on 248 units = 62 spaces;
  • Total Parking Required = 460 spaces;


The proposed total Parking for Solana Torrance to be provided is 484 spaces, which equates to 1.95 spaces per unit.

Another aspect when considering parking is management. We do not allow any unregistered cars to park on site and we also do not allow any storage in the parking areas. This includes trailers, jet skis, etc. Also, all resident vehicles will be required to have a parking pass, and any guests staying longer than two nights will be required have a resident guest pass issued by the property management company. Towing is strictly enforced. I can assure you that with our proposed parking count, our residents and guests will have no need to utilize any off- site parking.

Below we have analyzed the parking for five projects that currently exist in Torrance and one project that has recently been approved in the City of Lomita.  In all instances, Solana provides more parking. At Reylenn, we are totally committed to the “Tenant Experience” and we feel that if residents and their guests do not have adequate parking that is convenient and nearby their residential unit, the living experience is greatly diminished.

Parking Table outlined