Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What do other communities think of Solana?

1 Minute Read

The videos below were produced by the City of Arvada, Colorado regarding ReyLenn's newest project, Solana Olde Town Station. They provide examples of the Solana quality and how other cities have benefited from Solana.

In the first video, check out what the Mayor of Arvada thinks of the amenity package, which includes a spin room, salt water pool, high-definition golf simulator, pizza oven, and dog park— to name a few.

“When you come up the stairs, you look out the window at this incredible, luxury, resort-style pool complex”
- Marc Williams, Mayor of Arvada


Watch the next video to see how Solana has benefitted the community.  

“It was an underutilized industrial site. What we have been able to do through our partnership with ReyLenn properties is take this site, develop it, put it on the tax rolls, and create a gorgeous development.”
- Maureen Fair, Executive Director of Arvada Urban Renewal Authority